Revolutionizing Podcast Advertising with Data-Driven Brand Safety Measurement: The Seekr™ Civility Score™7.21.2023 • 3 min read
The Seekr Team
Revolutionizing Podcast Advertising with Data-Driven Brand Safety Measurement: The Seekr™ Civility Score™

The podcast industry is booming, and brands and advertisers are keen on tapping into the lucrative advertising market. There’s only one problem: with the increasing diversity of content and the risk of exposure to off-brand or damaging material, brand marketers need a powerful metric that evaluates podcast content for brand safety and suitability.

Enter the Seekr™ Civility Score™ – an innovative AI-powered evaluation metric that scores podcast civility with nuance.

Boosting Brand Integrity and Empowering Advertisers with the Seekr™ Civility Score™

Seekr developed the Civility Score™ in partnership with Oxford Road to help brands navigate the podcast advertising landscape with confidence. This powerful metric objectively measures and quantifies the volume and intensity of personal attacks within the nation's top podcasts.

Advertisers can maximize brand affinity and minimize exposure to potentially damaging content with the Civility Score™. Its nuanced evaluation goes beyond traditional topic and keyword analysis and empowers marketers to make informed decisions based on the spirit of the content they’re sponsoring.

From Analysis Paralysis to Data-Driven Confidence: Making Informed Decisions with the Civility Score™

Pat Condo, Seekr CEO, emphasizes how important it is for brands to have a straightforward and effective way to shield themselves from high-risk content. Now they have that at their fingertips with the Civility Score™.

Using AI technology trained with the highest journalistic standards, this innovative metric measures brand suitability within the context of conversations. It analyzes hours of podcast content to give advertisers actionable data insights to inform their strategy.

Brand marketers can harness this technology to:

  • Set civility tolerances

  • Elevate their strategy

  • Improve efficiency

  • Optimize exposure to high-quality content

  • Boost brand affinity with the right audiences

Uniting Brands, Consumers, and Creators: The Power of Civility

Daniel Granger, CEO of Oxford Road, states, “What the industry needs most is one metric that transcends subjectivity and promotes a value around which we can all align: respect for others. The strength of the Civility Score™ is its simplicity, as all brands, consumers, and creators can align around this expression of the Golden Rule.” Now advertisers can celebrate the most responsible voices in the industry, rather than simply the loudest.

Embrace the Seekr™ Civility Score™ and Unleash the Power of Podcast Advertising

Gone are the days of analysis paralysis and avoiding topics and keywords. Advertisers and brand marketers can now gain a deep understanding of the content they sponsor and drive decisions with powerful data using the Seekr™ Civility Score™. This score represents a new era in brand suitability, where actionable data insights reward the most responsible voices and drive long-term success in podcast advertising.

Want more data to drive your podcast strategy? Reach out to today to learn how to level up your podcast advertising with the Seekr™ Civility Score™!