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Seekr AI builds adaptable content evaluation and generation tools that empower businesses, creators, and decision makers to access trustworthy information at scale. We're here to help power your best ideas and drive innovation.

Seekr's Journalist Advisory Board

Building AI You Can Trust

Seekr's Journalist Advisory Board provides Seekr LLMs with a nuanced, textured, and human understanding of ethical standards and journalistic principles. The board is comprised of seasoned journalists, experienced editors, and other experts in the field of journalism.

Seekr's Journalist Advisory Board

Analyzing Content with Speed, Scale, and Depth

Seekr is the only news rating system evaluating information and providing insights at the URL level. Holding 7 machine learning patents, 30K+ scored domains, and 7K+ scored podcast shows, our technology is constantly expanding its capabilities and applications.

With Seekr, You Can Feel More Confident About Your Search Results and What You Choose to Read.

  • Seekr Score

    For each news search result, we use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyze the reliability of the information. You can click on it and get an in-depth score explanation.

  • Political Lean

    The Political Lean Indicator identifies any lean to an article and allows you to view content from across the political spectrum.

  • Transparency

    Seekr does not manipulate search results. We show you how each Seekr Score is calculated and work to constantly improve our methodology.

  • Choice & Control

    Seekr puts you in the driver's seat. With Seekr, you define your search experience using our scoring filters.

  • Independent Search

    We are building our own independent search index because we believe it is your right to search results without censorship or manipulation.

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Mission Seekr

Arming young digital explorers with critical media literacy skills

Meet a groundbreaking educational and adventure platform designed to empower young explorers with tools to navigate the digital frontier.


Each month, Bear Grylls assigns a new mission that shines a light on environmental and humanitarian topics.


Then, it’s up to his young adventurers to research the topic through top-rated sources on the Seekr Mission News Feed.


Finally, they must take action in the real world to make an impact. 

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Calling All Brand Marketers

Drive Audio ROI.
Uphold Brand Integrity.

Measure podcast brand suitability within the context of real conversations with the Seekr™ Civility Score™. Our powerful AI moves beyond other brand safety measurement tools to consider context and nuance, giving you evolving data insights to inform your strategy and optimize audio advertising.

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We are building a diverse team, and the company is constantly searching for talent in multiple areas. Visit our Careers page to know more.