Seekr Logo
Seekr is an independent search engine and information evaluation provider that puts the power of information transparency and online autonomy in the hands of the people. We’re committed to offering you a better search experience and Reliability Ratings to help you find trustworthy information while respecting your privacy.

Seekr’s mission: provide easy access to transparent and reliable information while safeguarding privacy. We believe a more reliable and verified web is the future.

Transparency First

Transparency is fundamental to our purpose and capabilities. Seekr will not use secret methods to boost search results or create behavioral profiles. We make it easy to understand the reliability of information, when relevant. What’s more, we don’t just tell you the rating, we show you how we arrived at it.

Control & Choice

Autonomy is key to our mission and vision. In an environment where people may feel threatened by a lack of control and choice online, Seekr provides an independent search engine that puts them in the driver’s seat of their search and information experience. With us, your search experience is defined by you, not by Big Tech.

Search and Evaluation Independence

Seekr built its own independent web index and information evaluation algorithms because we believe in transparency, reliability, choice, and privacy – we aren’t obliged to Big Tech’s agendas or policies. We leverage proprietary software to help reduce the fluctuation of errors. We are committed to ongoing algorithm refinement in order to improve our rating methodology.